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Izuna x Fem!Reader || Last Kiss
Izuna x Fem!Reader || Last Kiss
The sound of your husband moving about your bedroom awoke you from your slumber. You let out a ‘hn’ as your (e/c) eyes opened to look for where the man was. You rolled over as you spotted the Uchiha preparing his clothes and armored chest plate. “Izuna?” you asked groggily. The man turned to look at you with a small smile. “Good morning, (y/n),” he said as he moved over to the large futon you two shared and it sank slightly as his weight sat upon the edge of it. You gave a small smile at the sight of his hair still out of his normal ponytail and slightly messier than normal from the activities of the night before between you both. “Already being called to fight?” you questioned and he nodded which made you pout slightly. “But I wanted to spend time with you longer…maybe continue from last night?” Your hand moved to touch his still shirtless chest. “I know, and I’m sorry
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 3 9
Serenity || Pein x Fem!Reader - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Fascination
The next day, your first task was given to you as you sat beside Itachi on a rock in a clearing a ways away from the Akatsuki base. Kisame was waiting patiently as he observed from a few feet away. Konan stood beside him, an indifferent expression on her face as she spoke, “(y/n), your first task in order to see how strong your powers are, is to heal Itachi’s eyes.” You frowned at that, turning to your teammate who was frowning slightly. “Itachi, how bad are they?” you questioned as you moved to kneel in front of him, waving your hand before them in order to determine how poor his eyesight was. He was quick to grab her wrist, eyes narrowing as he said, “I may be nearly blind, but I can clearly hear your hand waving in front of my face.” “S-Sorry…I-I just need to know how bad it is…” you stammered. “Let her work, Itachi,” said Konan, obviously annoyed at how long this was bound to
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 7 0
SasoKori || You're Beautiful by Kaminari-no-Kokoro SasoKori || You're Beautiful :iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 3 0 Catching him off guard by Kaminari-no-Kokoro Catching him off guard :iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 7 1
Serenity || Pein x Fem!Reader - Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Severance
"So she does indeed have something unique about her that we can use to succeed in our plan," mused the masked man.
"Indeed," replied Pein.
"Have you determined who you shall pair her with?" asked Madara.
"I believe Itachi, and Kisame would be good for her. Kisame can help her with her water style, as for being countered by a wind style user, Itachi can cover her with his fire nature. I also entrust them to keep an eye on her, as well as ensure her safety. It is also possible that she could heal Itachi's eyes, which would increase our power once more."
"Hm...I approve of your choice," he said. "You may pair her with them, and they shall be in charge of her safety from now on. However, I expect you to remain vigilant. We can't let someone with such a powerful Kekkei Genkai fall into the hands of one of the five great nations. It'll only be abused as it more than likely was in the Hidden Grass, and she'd be difficult to retrieve if they found out her power she
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 10 2
Serenity || Pein x Fem!Reader - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Purpose
A week had passed before you started to come to and found yourself in an unfamiliar environment. You squinted as you took in your surroundings slowly. The room was small with walls made up of stone and floor made of smooth limestone. It was lit by several candles spread throughout, but still somewhat dim regardless. A small nightstand made of deep mahogany with three drawers that had brass handles on them stood beside the bed you lay in, and across from it sat a desk made of the same wood. It had several large drawers as well, and a chair was pushed into the hole for it neatly.
However, the top of the desk was far from being neat. It had stacks of papers with some messing spread about from what you could spot and a few were even scattered on the floor. You looked around spotting a door that was closed and a dresser along the same wall as it. You sighed, shifting comfortably beneath the black sheets of the bed, unwilling to force yourself up as your body was st
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 8 2
Yandere!Lucio x Fem!Reader || Forever Mine
Yandere!Lucio x Fem!Reader
Requested by: :iconnerdygamer7896:
(f/a/d) – Favorite alcoholic drink
It all started one night at a concert he’d held while on tour in America. You’d managed to afford a ticket to go, and you were extremely enthusiastic as you awaited the start of the concert. The last group before him had finished up, and everyone was chanting your favorite DJ’s name as they craved his appearance, thirsting for his music. As you stood among the crowd, you chanted with them, wanting to see the man you adored.
As soon as he stepped out onto the stage, you were star-struck. He was nothing like you’d seen in pictures, or magazines. None of it compared to this, with his chocolate brown eyes that looked so alive, and his pearly whites that shone brightly under the blazing lights that hit the stage. You felt your breath catch in your throat as your heart pounded deep in your chest. He was so handsome that he’d stolen even the
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 17 5
Kakashi x Fem!Reader || Practice
Kakashi x Fem!Reader || Practice
It wasn’t an uncommon thing for you to see your boyfriend of over a year laying on your bed with his favorite book series in hand. It also wasn’t uncommon for you to bother him while he was reading. However…it was uncommon for you to make any bold suggestions like you were right now. The silver haired Jōnin eyed you carefully with his one uncovered one. “W-What did you just say (y/n)>” he asked carefully.
“Geez Kakashi…pay attention will you? I said… ‘Do you want to try out some of those Make-Out Tactics of yours?’” you sighed as a faint blush dusted your cheeks.
He was silent as he stared at you as if you’d grown a second head. You fidgeted under his intense gaze. The way he looked at you…it was almost predatory. In one swift movement, he hand your wrist and had pulled you down on the bed atop of him. If you weren’t blushing before…you were now as his
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 30 5
Serenity || Pein x Fem!Reader - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Enigma
For a God to walk among his people, it was completely out of character, and it wasn’t surprising that his angel would protest to his decision. However, when a man of his power made a decision it was not only hard to sway him but next to impossible. So after much objecting on the part of his right hands, she eventually gave in to his choice with the agreement that he remain away from the citizens of his realm and avoids people. He surprisingly didn’t seem to mind this and agreed without any thought in the matter.
So with this in mind, he set out on his journey and found his feet taking him away from his rainy kingdom of Amegakure towards the more bamboo forest filled, dry region of the Village Hidden in the Grass. His strange eyes surveyed this new, strange world he’d entered that greatly differed from his territory, and he found it to be a nice change. As he continued through the land of the Hidden Grass, he found the silence to be quiet calmi
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 13 1
Male!Junker!Reader x Mei || Failed Attempts
Male!Junker!Reader x Mei || Failed Attempts
Requested by: :iconking-of-hydras:
Note: This is set after the fall of Overwatch, so this is when the group is reformed. However, I envisioned that Ana would return to be Jack’s second-in-command again so…that’s explaining some of this.
"This all yer fault, Roadie! Ya just had to get one of them stupid stuffed plush thingies, and your damn stop got us all captured!" complained the blond haired Junker as he sat in handcuffs on the airship with his two partners and the crew of Overwatch members who'd captured them, and Roadhog grunted in response.
"Cut it out, will ya, Jamie? We're caught, 'n blamin' Roadhog ain't gonna fix it. So shut yer damn trap 'n let's figure things out when we're alone on what we're gonna do to git out of this mess,” the third member of their group said in annoyance.
"Why ya no good piece a roadkill..." started the feisty Junkrat, glaring at his companion.
"You should listen to your friend,
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 23 12
Anbu!Itachi x Uchiha!Fem!Reader || Foolish
Anbu!Itachi x Uchiha!Fem!Reader || Foolish
That's what he'd call you if he knew of your current mission that you'd decided to accept from the Hokage. It was your first S-rank mission, and you'd only managed to partake in around three or four A-rank missions. Unfortunately, this mission was a matter of upmost importance and many S-rank ninja were out on missions currently, or had just arrived back in need of rest or medical aid from prior missions. So here you were. Hand selected by the Hokage as the next most reliable and best fit kunoichi for the mission available. You couldn't be more nervous and prideful as you ran through the forest alone with the breeze pulling your hair back away from your face.
Your mission was quite difficult to say the least. Intel had been given that a group of high ranked missing-nin had begun to gather around an area deep in the woods and word was they were somehow connected to Orochimaru, one of the great Sannin who'd left after being passe
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 23 1
Widowmaker x M!Reader x Sombra || Competition E.2
Widowmaker x Male!Reader x Sombra
Requested by: :iconcrazyman54:
Sombra Ending
“Sombra.” The two women went silent as Sombra processed what he’d just said. Then, her eyes lit up with happiness as a sneer overtook her features. She looked to Widowmaker as she spoke, “Well, chica looks like he doesn’t want you. Why don’t you go back to fawning over Gabriel?” Amelia shot her a glare as she stood abruptly, her chair crying out in protest at her quick movements. The woman looked ready to start a fight, but she took a deep breath before coolly walking out of the café to leave the two alone. Sombra burst out laughing as soon as she was gone. “Looks like I win,” she said, only to cut off as (y/n) placed a hand on her thigh.
A deep blush hit her cheeks, and her normally playful, cheeky demeanor evaporated as it was replaced by embarrassment and timidness. He couldn’t help grinning at this side of her that he’d
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 22 10
Widowmaker x M!Reader x Sombra || Competition E.1
Widowmaker x Male!Reader x Sombra
Requested by: :iconcrazyman54:
Widowmaker Ending
“Amelia,” he said as he looked towards the surprised woman. Slowly her surprise changed to amusement as a smirk graced her. She looked to Sombra, almost daring her to make a scene in the small café. The Latino female gritted her teeth before rising to her feet as she kept her eyes trained on Widowmaker. “You’re going to regret this,” said the woman before turning away and storming out of the café. “Like I’m scared of a child,” she said after her.
Her attention was drawn away from Sombra as (y/n) took her hand in his. “Forget her,” he said as he intertwined their fingers. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she looked aside as her eyes grew dark. “I vill varn you now, (y/n). I am still struggling vith this feeling I have towards you…I-““It’s okay, I expected as such from you. We will take it slow, I pr
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 21 2
Gaara x Fem!Reader || Home Safe
Gaara x Fem!Reader || Home Safe
The sound of how hard your hand made contact with his cheek silenced the group of shinobi who’d rescued the man you’d just dared hit across the face. The group remained silent as they gaped at you for your actions while the redhead’s pale skin began to turn red on his cheek. However, he didn’t scold you as he looked at you with his seafoam eyes. They were expressionless other than the hint of guilt you barely caught in their beautiful pools. Your head lowered to stare at the ground as your (h/c) locks surrounded and covered your face to hide you from him. “You idiot…” you said softly. “…I thought you were never coming back…” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other at the scene you were making, putting him in a position he didn’t like being publicized at the moment. “…(y/n)-,” he started, but you interrupted him. “Don’t ‘(y/n)’ me, Ga
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 47 7
Widowmaker x M!Reader x Sombra || Competition P. 1
Widowmaker x Male!Reader x Sombra
Requested by: :iconcrazyman54:
It’d always been a long time battle between the two ever since (y/n) came along for his affections and surprisingly…he’d yet to realize it. At least…if he did, he acted oblivious. Sombra sighed as she watched the man go by, a slight smile on her face. Today has to be the day! I need to win him over already I can’t let the spider catch him in her web, she thought as she felt a determination rise in her. She quickly went after him, calling for him, “Oi, (y/n)! Chico, I need to talk to you!” “What is it now, Sombra?” he sighed as he’d grown tired of her constant pestering the last few weeks. “Aye, no need to be so cold, you’re gonna become Gabe if you keep that up!” she said with a smirk. “I just wanted to know if you’d care to have lunch together.”
“I don’t think that’d be an issue,” he said.
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 35 13
C2E2 2017 Picture 4: Captain America by Kaminari-no-Kokoro C2E2 2017 Picture 4: Captain America :iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 0 0
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Cosplaying Fem!Deidara at Anime Midwest Friday only with a friend who is Cosplaying Tobi and we're going as a sort of couple cosplay since we ship them both. Anyone want some TobiDei pictures? 

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Hello, I'm Emmy! I love anime, writing fanfiction, and creating OCs! I love Naruto, Overwatch, and a bunch of other stuff! Be sure to check me out!

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[COM] Beer Made of Lightning"Jashin, it's really coming down." Kori muttered as she gazed out the tiny window of the room in the inn. The rain was pouring in sheets, like the whole world was under a waterfall. Her intention had been to be frugal by picking this little run down place, but discounts always ended in one disaster or another. For instance, the inn was full and only had one bedroom to spare...with one bed.
Kori glanced back at her traveling companion with a grimace. 
"You're taking my Lord's name in vain now too?" The grey haired man said. He was perched on a low stool by the door, long legs sticking out, back leaning against the wall. He was too big for this room, too big for this town. Despite knowing him for as long as she had, his infamy never ceased to astound her. 
"Why not?" She asked, and turned from the rain drenched window. "He seems pretty vain to me." She paused at the end of the narrow bed, eyeing it out of the corner of her eye. She didn't want to have that discussion just yet.

request for Kaminari-no-Kokoro by AlainaDorsett Naruto: Female OC Kori X Hidan/SasoriA Choice
OC Kori  X Hidan &Sasori
Rebuilding the Akatsuki would be a task many ninja's would see as a bad idea, the pain and suffering the group brought still lay fresh in the minds of most clans. Yet for one young women re-birthing this deadly group is the only way she saw to get revenge for what her clan and their heroes have done to her and her friends.
How she became to think this way begins with the death of her team on a B ranked mission, a sneak attack from two highly ranked ninjas from within the shadows of the forest path they travelled. Her team leader Katsumi, an older women tries to protect her younger team mates from the attack by ordering them about as any good leader should and yet the wise leader finds herself in need of guidance as her attackers team up on her.
A planned pincer attack using the surrounding rocks and tree as cover, one of the highly ranked ninjas takes Katsumi's attention with a full frontal attack. Not only keeping her busy but also her two other
Commission for Kaminari-no-Kokoro by saturnart


I might make an exclusive 100 prompt smut thing on AO3. It would be for Natura characters and I'd start writing it alongside stuff now, but wait to post it.
I'm gonna keep writing on my phone. Couldn't get to the library today. Maybe Monday or Tuesday.
Gotta clean my house and then I'll have a new Shinobi x reader out, a new chapter of The New Era and maybe an OW x Reader(?). Also, my masterlist post for all canon couples I ship will be out soon as well as OC x Canon couples
Possible new Shinobi x reader tomorrow. Hint: it's a sad one
Miyuki Senju has been sketched and one of her children has been sketched. I need to sketch a few more characters for her comic and have to write more of Serenity and The New Era.


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